Fan Fei

Data Journalist, China Researcher, Videographer

I'm now the digital graphic producer at Modern Healthcare. I also build and design website. Recently graduated from UC Berkeley School of Journalism, I was ProPublica'sGoogle Journalism Fellow at their nerds team this summer. Previously, I worked as a data researcher and analyst at the Economist &graphic designer at Global Business Review & intern researcher at the New York Times & Bain & Company.

I tend to be goal-oriented but have numerous interests from oil painting to playing the piano. Besides building things online, I also do animated journalism.

  • Languages I know:
  • #Python
  • #JavaScript #D3
  • #css
  • #jQuery
  • #HTML
  • #MySQL
  • #R
  • #Mandarin
  • #English
  • #Korean

Data & Web Videography

Wounded Care

Modern Healthcare

We spent 3 days reporting and a month building everything from scratch. I did everything except for writing. This project is a result of one month's intensive coding, web design, videograpy, trailer production, graphics making and drawing.

Premiere, After Effects, html, css, jquery, js, d3.js, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Building a lifeline for rural addicts

Modern Healthcare

Html, css, jquery, js, d3.js, python, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Median Income Is Down, But Public College Tuition Is Way Up


Public colleges play a special role in making higher education affordable, but in recent years, soaring tuition is pushing that dream out of reach. From 2000 to 2014, the average cost of in-state tuition and fees for public colleges in America rose 80 percent. During that same time period, the median American household income dropped by 7 percent.

Built with d3.js, JavaScript, html, css, JQuery.

What Percentage of Doctors at Your Hospital Take Drug, Device Payments?


(Collaboration with Sisi Wei, Charles Ornstein and Ryann Grochowski Jones)

Where a hospital is located makes a big difference in how many of its doctors take payments from drug and medical device companies. See how your state compares and look up your hospital.

Built with d3.js, JavaScript, html, css, JQuery.

The Chinese Closet and HIV

News Package

(Collaboration with Larry Zhou & Jieqian Zhang.)

The full website is currently embargoed as we are pitching it to publications.

Produced by Larry Zhou, Jieqian Zhang & Fan Fei. Illustrated by Fan Fei. Animated by Larry Zhou & Fan Fei. Website by Jieqian Zhang & Fan Fei.

The Wait: Inside the Lives of Asylum seekers in Germany

News Package

(Collaboration with Melissa Borsworth & Lakshmi Sarah)

In January 2016, we conducted interviews with asylum seekers in five different German cities. This new media project tells their stories in text, animation and 360 video.

The full website is currently embargoed as we are pitching it to publications.

If Chinese provinces were countries...

News Application(In Progress)

This project shows each province's nearest equivalent country by GDP per capita, unemployment rate and life expectancy.

Drew in Illustrator. Sketched by Fan Fei. Built with d3.js, JavaScript, html, css, JQuery. Rscript by Peter Aldhous.

Where Refugees in Germany come from?

News Application(In Progress)

More than a million people have arrived in Germany.Where do they come from?

Built with d3.js, JavaScript, html, css, JQuery. Code reference Jieqian Zhang.

BAT Empire

Collapsible Force Layout


China’s Internet world is now dominated by three kingdoms— Baidu Inc., Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. See which companies BAT invested in.

Drew in Illustrator. Built with d3.js, JavaScript, html, css.

Breaking down the cost of the iPhone 5


Do you know what a smartphone costs? This cost calculation is for the USA edition of both the iPhone 5 with 16GB of internal file storage and LTE connectivity.

Built with d3.js, JavaScript, html, css,Jquery.

Refugee Resettlement

Stream Graph

Class Assignment

This stream graph presents information on resettlement arrivals of refugees, with or without UNHCR assistance.

Built with R.

Go forth

The Economist

(Collaboration with London Data team)

Last year Chinese investment overseas almost caught up with foreign direct investment in China.

Where the private sector scores

The Economist

(Collaboration with London Data team)

On closer inspection the SOEs’ achievements look less impressive. The private sector, it turns out, is responsible for perhaps two-thirds of all economic output today.

Spot the difference

The Economist

(Collaboration with London Data team)

On the whole SOEs and private firms behave very differently. The return on assets for private-sector industrial firms is well above that for industrial SOEs, and the gap is widening.

Tech Giants

The Economist

(Collaboration with London Data team)

China has millions of successful private-sector businesses. Its internet companies are among the world’s biggest. The fortunes of its 200-plus billionaires were earned in a range of industries.

A patent problem

The Economist

(Collaboration with London Data team)

The number of patents filed has soared thanks to government incentives, but many are worthless. After adjusting for quality, using a range of criteria, China still lags.

China's middle class

The Economist

(Collaboration with London Data team)

In 2010 mainstream consumers—those with enough money to buy cars, fridges and phones but not Rolls-Royces—made up less than a tenth of urban households. In a new forecast, McKinsey predicts that by 2020 they will make up well over half.

China's rising stars

The Economist

(Collaboration with London Data team)

Where should intrepid marketers go to capitalise on these riches? The wealthy east coast is now widely believed to be saturated, which suggests that firms should head inland.

Business Clusters

The Economist (Unpublished)

Most companies enter Chinese markets through a tiered strategy, categorizing cities by size and affluence. That’s a mistake. It’s better to see it through clusters.

Fan's R Graphics

R Graphics Practice

Fan's R Graphics practice following R Graphics Cookbook and course "Getting and Cleaning data with R" on coursera.

Against all Odds

Online news package

(Collaboration with Jeremy C.F. Lin, Chloe Shi & Jieqian Zhang.)

A Peek Into Chinese Students' Journey in the United States. Built with Bootstrap, JavaScript.

Built with Bootstrap, JavaScript.

Data & Web Videography

Fan Fei's shooting reel

Collaboration with Feelmore Studio

I founded a media studio with four friends when I was a sophomore in college. Our videos received a total of 400,000 hits online.

Around the World - San Francisco

Solo project

SAN FRANCISCO typically wows visitors with its heights or its sights. Start exploring in the east, south of the Bay Bridge, and loop your way west to the Golden Gate.

No child left behind

Collaboration with Renjia

Find out how teaching and education volunteers work to improve teaching and education standards in China. English subtitle will be up soon.

Voice of small business: Ali Amaro Jewelry & Objects

Solo project

Jewelry can tell a story in many ways. A grandmother’s pearl, a eucalyptus branch, and a centuries-old bead washed ashore off the coast of Mozambique, all entwined with deliberate intricacy.

Free Trade Zone

Solo motion graphics

Free Trade Zone by the number. A motion graphic on Free Trade Zone.

Richmond Art Center- Ceremics

Solo project (completed within 4 hours)

Find out how Ceremics evolve and presented in Richmond Art Center.

Richmond Art Center- Fiber Arts

Solo project (completed within 4 hours)

Find out how fiber arts evolve and presented in Richmond Art Center.

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